Paweł Wyderka

I consider undertaking psychotherapy as a chance for lasting personal development and getting to know oneself better. It is also an opportunity to overcome life crises and set new goals and plot a way to achieve them. It is a process during which the client discovers the roots of their emotional states, feelings, thoughts and behaviour, and as a consequence, has the chance to change them consciously. They learn new behaviours that are beneficial, build healthy relationships, and assist with coping with stress. Psychotherapy supports integrating one’s personality and maintaining one’s identity in the face of emotional turbulence. It helps remove barriers that stand in the way of development and fulfilment in chosen fields of life.
In my work, I usually help people who want to consciously develop their personality and derive satisfaction by living their lives to the fullest. I work with people who are struggling with a number of difficulties, such as reduced self-esteem, stress, anxiety, personality disorders, addictions, depression, dissatisfaction, and relationships with others. My clients also include people with whom I discuss existential matters, such as spirituality, loneliness, fear of death or a sense of meaningless.
I work under the ethical code of practice and receive regular supervision by COSCA (Scottish Counselling Organization). All issues and matters discussed during therapy remain only between me and my client. The opportunity to hear about your personal life is a great privilege for me. I do not intend to evaluate you, make a diagnosis or impose on you what to do or think. My participation in therapy is to assist the client in the process of transformation, and through the appropriate use of professional skills, to help get to the essence of problems, determine ways to solve them and achieve the desired effect.

It’s your therapy, your time and your life. If you think that my help may be useful to you, do not hesitate or delay.

Paweł Łukasz Wyderka