About me

Paweł Wyderka

In my free time, I like to go hiking or sailing, or to stay home and spend time reading, listening to music and watching films. My fascination with psychology and personal development began as early as in my teenage years. Wishing to gain knowledge in this area, I started studying pedagogy and psychology in high school. After graduating from high school, over time, I gained experience and knowledge in this field. To develop further in this area, I came to Great Britain, where I worked in a care home for people struggling with mental problems and addictions, in a day care centre for addicts and in a psychiatric hospital in Inverness, Scotland. The broad knowledge and priceless experience that I gained in that period aroused in me an even greater desire to help people who are less privileged or those whose life has presented them with difficulties. I felt a strong motivation to help those in need and to prevent their mental health from deteriorating to a point at which change can be almost impossible. I decided to become a psychotherapist. To achieve this, I started a course in Person Centred Counselling and Psychotherapy at the University of Highlands and Islands in Inverness, of which I am now a graduate. During my studies, I decided to undertake a series of therapeutic sessions, wanting to look at the real work of a therapist, but above all to feel what the client feels during sessions. This experience turned out to be a revelation: it allowed me to understand the essence of counselling more deeply and brought many benefits to my personal life. It also made it easier for me to start my apprenticeship at the Roman Catholic Church in Inverness, conducting sessions for the Polish community gathered there. During this placement, I dealt with a range of issues faced by migrants and tried to break stereotypical thinking about psychotherapy and the stigmatising of people who use it. During the second part of the internship, I worked in a local psychotherapy centre, Lochaber Hope in Fort William, where I had the opportunity to conduct sessions for clients with various problems and needs. At the moment, I run an independent practice as a psychotherapist, as well as cooperating with related organisations. I am still developing and expanding my knowledge and skills in conducting various types of therapies, such as cognitive-conservative therapy, hypnotherapy RTT or psycho-dynamic psychotherapy, as well as Christian therapies.